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MOREL glasses are historical glasses that come from France and MOREL is one of the oldest brands of glasses in the European continent. The idea for this company was born in an area of the French countryside by Jules Morel in 1880. A pioneer for his time, Jules Morel at a very young age decided to create his own glasses company and design the first frames himself. A true craftsman, he tried to divide his time between farming life and cultivating the land, which was his real job, and designing eyeglass frames. In the beginning, the whole project started as a part time job, as a hobby one might say. But then, with the contribution of subsequent generations of the Morel family, what started as a simple hobby ended up creating one of the strongest sunglasses and eyewear brands in the world. For more than 140 years MOREL has succeeded and combined family tradition and their love for continuous improvement. At the moment, the company is in the 4th generation of the MOREL family, who strive and succeed in being worthy of the vision of the founder and ideologist of the family, Jules Morel.

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