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About us

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- Opticspot is a website specializing in optical related items. The idea for this website was born many years ago in a small city in Greece, called “Kozani”, from a forward thinking and visionary gentleman who loved technology and its implementation in people’s everyday life. This gentleman’s name was George Vikas-Laschoulis and he was our father. An optician and an optometrist who studied in Bradford, UK, he knew everything about the field of optometry and he was the first optometrist in our city, opening his first physical store in the distant 1983.

We, his children, have decided to carry on his legacy and try to expand his dream and enlarge it as much as we can. We are young, we are creative and we love our field of work. Our sole mission is to find the best sunglasses and those of the highest quality and bring you one step closer to acquiring them. Don’t worry if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for. Every human being is unique and there is no way we can please every individual person and each separate personality. We ourselves are simple, honest people and we are not pretending to be the best or that we know everything. This is exactly what we propose to our customers as well. Prefer being real, than being perfect.