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Ever Clean Plus is a hydrogen peroxide solution whith biotechnological agents for deep lipid and protein elimination, disinfecting, moisturising and neutralization in only 2 hours. It is suitable for all types of contact lenses (soft lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable-RGP contact lenses), including Orho K.

The process that needs to be followed in order for the solution to work is very simple. First the user needs to add the tablet, then the disinfection process begins. When the liquid turns green, that means that the disinfection process has been completed.

After completion of the process, which lasts around two hours, the contact lenses are ready to be used.

Ever Clean Plus comes with a special case to store the lenses. The solution must NOT come in contact with the human eye before the disinfection process has been completed.

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Soft Contact Lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable-RGP Contact Lenses