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Etnia Barcelona was founded in the 50s by Fulgencio Ramo in Barcelona, Spain. Fulgencio founded the first factory in the company's history that produced sunglasses and eyeglasses. His children and the following generations managed to transform the glasses production factory that the company had until then, into a multinational enterprise that sold glasses internationally throughout Spain. In 1990, David Pellicer, the grandson of the founder of the company, joined Etnia Barcelona’s team dynamically and was the one who soared the company's reputation with his dreams and plans and plans of grandeur. David's main ideology was to add color to the eyewear collections and break away from the classic black and brown color that monopolized most eyewear brands and collections at the time. David had a vision to create a brand that would center around the idea of humanity and respect for all nationalities. Etnia Barcelona would express all ideologies, thoughts and all kinds of people. This is how Etnia Barcelona was born as we know it today. Of course, as it can be seen from the name of the company, Etnia Barcelona has been inspired to a great extent by the city of Barcelona. A city open to the whole world, revolutionary and always faithful to traditions. In the same way, the company Etnia Barcelona always tries to be ahead of its time, to envision the future, but never forget its roots and where it came from.

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