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POLICE is an Italian brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses that was created in 1983 by the De Rigo brothers, founders of the eponymous company that manufactures and distributes sunglasses and eyeglasses. The 80's was a decade when fashion and music flourished and began to shape people's style and ideology. People were no longer satisfied with the simple, the austere and the ordinary. They wanted something innovative and different that would give them style, something "sassy". And Police was ready to satisfy those who wanted to wear glasses that represented their style and brought out their personality. The Police brand immediately stands out in the international markets for its unique style and the aesthetics of its glasses and quickly becomes popular. Police doesn't label people, it doesn't follow the rules and is unconventional. Police, over the years, always felt the pulse of society and re-branded from time to time. It essentially re-invented the company and its entire philosophy so that it would never be left behind and would never be considered outdated and regressive. It was the first company to design the blue mirror for sunglasses in the 90's, a trend that became a trademark of the company as well as the eagle logo that it puts on several of its models. Of course, Police did not stop at sunglasses and eyeglasses. From 1997 onwards, it started designing other products, such as perfumes, watches and jewellery. It successfully tried to establish its presence in other areas of fashion and it’s a company that has never rested on its laurels and never took its success for granted. Police glasses and products have been advertised by world-class celebrities such as George Clooney, David Beckham, Neymar Jr, Lewis Hamilton and have appeared in many Hollywood blockbuster films. Police currently exports its products in more than 100 countries worldwide. From America to Asia and from Africa to Europe, Police creates trends and lifestyles that know no borders and have no boundaries.

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